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Get Lost With the Desert Safari Dubai

Super sortie pour découvrir le désert avec une restauration sur place exceptionnel. Petit coup de cœur pour l’activité sandboard mis en place. Je recommande fortement
Ajlan Belmatoug
Ajlan Belmatoug
Un cadre magnifique et un personnel au top. L’expérience était trop et les activités très fun. Les prix sont très abordables pour une expérience de tel qualité.
I've been on desert safaris before, but Gotrips DXB offers the most comprehensive experience at a price that's hard to believe. From the home pickup to the final drop-off, it was value-packed. Definitely recommend 👍🏼
Ewen Austruy
Ewen Austruy
Our adventure with Gotrips DXB was filled with non-stop activities, all priced incredibly low. I've paid more elsewhere for just a fraction of what they offer. Their commitment to affordability and quality is commendable.
Lu Ber
Lu Ber
Affordability meets quality with Gotrips DXB. Their all-inclusive desert camp package, complete with camel rides and sandboarding, provides unbeatable value for money!
Hugo Benhamou
Hugo Benhamou
The desert safari with Gotrips felt like a premium experience without the premium price tag. Every activity, from sunset photos to traditional shows, was included at a fraction of the cost I expected.
Mélina Casagrande
Mélina Casagrande
Low prices, high memories! I can’t believe we got to experience buggy rides, falcon shows, and unlimited traditional dinners without overspending. Gotrips DXB has redefined affordable luxury.
Jules Rousseau
Jules Rousseau
Gotrips DXB truly offers the best bang for your buck! Packed with activities from camel rides to sandboarding, and all at such a surprisingly affordable rate. Their comprehensive desert safari package is unbeatable in terms of value and experience!
Ribollet 974
Ribollet 974
As a french tourist I really loved the service delivered and the price was really good for a VIP service like this ! Would recommend a 100%
S09 mlemaudit
S09 mlemaudit
For real like the desert was infinite i had so much fun to get lost in it. It was cheap compared to the other companies and like I said it wasn't in an enclosure : it was the mother nature herself

Why waste precious vacation time planning multiple tours and excursions when you can get all of the best Dubai has to offer in one place? We provide all-inclusive experiences so you can explore the desert like a true Dubai native!

Scroll down to learn more about everything included in this all-in-one package. We’ve planned a perfect day from sunrise to sunset. Our Desert Safari Dubai Package includes everything you need – pick-ups, meals, and entertainment.

Convenient Round-Trip Transportation

No need to secure a ride. We’ve got you covered! Our Desert Safari Dubai tours start when our driver picks you up from your location around 2 PM.
We’ll also drop you back off by 9 PM – at the latest.

No Ubers. No public transport. You don’t even have to search for directions on your phone.

Our reliable transportation service makes it simple to enjoy your Desert Safari in Dubai from start to finish.

Safari Tours

See the desert like never before! During the day, ride through the desert of Dubai and learn about its rich history, wildlife, and so much more! Then, at night, take a thrilling ride through the dunes as the sun comes down.  

Our thrilling yet safe safaris are a must-have experience for those traveling to Dubai. You will regret missing this if you don’t add it to your itinerary!

Desert Camp

The desert camp is your home away from home while you spend the day enjoying your desert safari in Dubai. Between all of your fun activities and hours spent exploring, you need a spot to chill and take a break from the desert sun and heat.

Eat, relax, and get ready for your next adventure!

Like the other elements, this is included in your package – no need to pay for every add-on like those other tours. Be sure to inquire about our VIP experiences for an even more intimate setting in your own desert camp.

Capture Your Memories With Photos!

What is the point of making all of these memories if they aren’t photographed? Our professional photographer catches all of your best moments throughout the day. So, you don’t have to worry about constantly having your phone ready for a picture or a selfie.

We thought of that too! We know the memories you make on this trip will last a lifetime, and we want to make it easier to always remembers your experiences and share them with others. Your friends and family will love seeing your desert safari photos and beautiful shots of you and the sunset.


Looking for a bit of an adrenaline high on your next trip? Dubai is more than just a city for shopping! Our Desert Safari Dubai tours are a great way to add some adventure to your trip – especially with sandboarding.

You won’t find snow-capped mountains in Dubai, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shred across the dunes. Sandboarding is an exhilarating but safe activity that lets you add a bit of adventure and physical activity to your trip. And the best part? It’s already included in your safari!

Camel Rides

Not many people can say they’re ridden on the back of a camel. Luckily, if you join one of our Desert Safari in Dubai tours, you can! What better way to explore the desert than on the back of a camel – it feels like a scene from a movie.

These gentle giants provide the perfect way to get from point A to point B in the desert. Let’s face it, riding a camel is absolutely essential when traveling to Dubai – it’s one of those things you’ll end up regretting if you don’t do it while you’re here.

Falcon Shows

Falcon shows are a part of Dubai’s rich history and culture and something you NEED to experience while you are here. As an included experience in the Desert Safari in Dubai Package, you get a glimpse of the incredible skill behind the historical relationship between hunters and falcons.

Even though falcons are no longer used for hunting in Dubai, our falconers put on quite a show! Watch as they interact with these majestic and thrilling birds of prey, and be prepared to be amazed at the grace and strength of these amazing animals.

Plenty of Food!

What’s better a better way to try authentic food from Dubai than with an all-you-can-eat buffet? Our high-quality buffet is packed with traditional dishes to ensure you never go hungry on your desert safari in Dubai.

Try the flavors of the middle east in-between camel rides, traditional dances, and so much more! There’s no limit to our buffets, so you can taste everything in front of you, fresh meats and vegetables, and come back for seconds with your favorite dishes!

Traditional Entertainment

You would not get the full Dubai experience without witnessing some of our country’s most celebrated traditional shows. After riding a camel and surfing across the sand, sit back and prepare to be enthralled with traditional performances like belly dancing and Bedouin spectacles.

This is truly a treat and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see authentic performances in the middle of the desert surrounded by traditional culinary bites and many other things essential to Dubai. Of course, this is included in the Desert Safari Dubai package.

Royal Treatment

Get The Royal Treatment With Our VIP Package

Want the full Desert Safari in Dubai experience but with a bit more privacy? Our VIP package makes it possible to explore all that Dubai has to offer in the desert but in a more intimate setting.

While the activities are the same as the regular package, you will get to relax, unwind, and feast in a private Bedouin camp. This is a great option for romantic excursions, small group events, and even birthdays! If you’re interested in learning more about our VIP experience, give us a call, and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions. 

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